SKU: M47-0980/RGBW  Auxilliary Lighting,Moritex North America, Inc

The CV-LS breaks new ground for high efficiency output in a compact footprint with versatile connectivity. This flagship light source's appearance may be similar to previous models, but the design has been improved with an upgraded new set of high brightness LED light engines and cooling system for greatly increased light output, beyond 150W EJA Halogen lamp levels for the cool white model. The entire internal design has been revamped for improved efficiency, ESD handling, and robust connectivity and controls. Long life, high efficiency LED engine ColdVision light guide compatible Internal light feedback stabilization Analog and digital remote control: USB (Virtual RS232), RS232, Dual Ethernet, Mutliport Fast triggered strobe (25µs rise time, 1µs precision) Improved resistance to vibration & shock, ESD Immunity (Heavy Industrial) Small footprint, backwards compatible