Eyeguards For Em Stereos (Ea.)

SKU: M48-MA600  Meiji Techno America,Microscope Accessories,

The MA600 Raised Rubber Eyeguards are sold as a pair and it is specially designed to fit our Meiji Techno America EMZ Series, EMF Series, EMT Series Eyepieces. Designed to slip over MA501, MA718, MA502, MA520, MA503, MA535, MA504, MA521, MA519. It is designed to fit over a 30.5 mm Outer Diameter Eyepieces, it has a raised portion that is 26.0mm in height and the standard height is 16.0mm around the perimeter. It is perfect for eyeglass wearers and it acts as a protective interface between the user and the microscope eyepieces. It is matte Black in color.