Excelta Hemostat - Straight Needle Holder - SS - 5" - NH-35-SE

SKU: NH-35-SE  Clamp Holders,Excelta Corporation
The NH-35-SE Webster Needle Holder is used with small needles and fine suture material. The 'locking mechanism' allows the tool to apply the pressure to hold the tool infinitely. Smooth jaws will cause the least damage to the needle.
Product Categories: Laboratory & Cleanroom Instruments - Hemostats/Clamps - Webster Needle Holers
Application: Used with small needles and fine suture material
Size (Tip Width x Tip Height): n/a x n/a
Body Width x Body Height: 2.55"(63.75mm) x .126"(3.15mm)
Tip Angle: Straight OAL: 5" (125mm)
Weight: 2 Ounces
Max per Carton: 12
Country of Origin: Pakistan