Excelta Tweezers - Straight Tapered Ultra Fine Point - Anti-Mag. SS - MW5-SA

The MW5-SA three star straight tapered ultra fine pointed tweezers is primarily used for microscopy. The style 5 has the finest points available. 'MW' features radius inside edges on the tips to prevent marring of delicate components. Overall length is 4.25". It is made of anti-magnetic Neverust.
Product Categories: Tweezers (Forceps) - Conventional Style Tweezers - Straight Tapered - Microscopoy
Application: Microscopy - Tapered tips offer better visibility - Radius points protect delicate wires
Size (Tip Width x Tip Height): .004" (.1mm) x .002" (.05mm)
Body Width x Body Height: 0.375" (9.38mm) x .06" (1.5mm)
Tip Angle: Straight OAL: 4.25" (106.25mm)
Weight: 1 Ounces
Max per Carton: 12
Country of Origin: Switzerland