Excelta Tweezers - Plastic - Wafer Tip - Plastic - ESD Safe - 609-ESD

SKU: 609-ESD  Excelta Corporation,Plastic Tweezers
The 609-ESD two star straight 4 5/8" wide point (1/8") conductive plastic tweezer is ESD safe (10? ohms/sq). The 609-ESD is temperature resistant to 212° F.
Product Categories: Tweezers (Forceps) - Plastic Tweezers - Conductive Plastic
Application: For applications requiring soft non-metal tweezers that won't scratch or marr wires or components
Size (Tip Width x Tip Height): .005" (.13mm) x .12" (3mm)
Body Width x Body Height: 0.44" (11mm) x
Tip Angle: OAL: 4.63" (116mm)
Weight: 0.25 Ounces
Max per Carton: 20
Country of Origin: China