Excelta Brushes - Instrument Cleaning - Bent - Acetal Handle/Nylon Bristles - 210B-N

SKU: 210B-N  Brushes,Excelta Corporation,Hand Tools
The 210B-N four star 50° bent tip instrument cleaning brush with nylon bristles is designed for general cleaning in tight areas. The handle is .25" in diameter, with a tip size of .13" wide and .19" long. The fibers are mechanically clamped into the stainless steel tube and inserted in the acetal handle. These brushes are used for scratch-free dry brushing.
Product Categories: Brushes - Instrument Cleaning Brushes
Application: Designed for general cleaning in tight areas. Heat resistant to 500°F.
Size (Tip Width x Tip Height): .13" (3.25mm) x .19" (4.75mm)
Body Width x Body Height: 0.25" (6.25mm) x 0.25" (6.25mm)
Tip Angle: 50° OAL: 5.5" (137.5mm)
Weight: 1.2 Ounces
Max per Carton: 1
Country of Origin: USA