Digital Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer Csa - HOTPDG

This digital hot plate with magnetic stirrer features a temperature probe that sits directly in the flask or beaker, allowing for more precise heating of solutions. In addition to double PT sensors, the unit is designed with a one-knob digital controller for temperature, RPM and time, each with an independent LED display. For enhanced safety and ease of unsupervised operation, a built-in alarm audibly signals the completion of the user-allotted time cycle. In the event of malfunction, the display will indicate an error code for quick diagnosis and resolution. The unit’s heating plate measures 6 inches in diameter to accommodate beakers and flasks up to 2000ml in capacity, and is composed of scratch and chemical resistant stainless steel with a ceramic coating. Its durable aluminum housing is thermally insulated, keeping the device relatively cool to the touch during operation. CSA approved. Technical specifications: • Operates on 115V / 60 Hz • Maximum stir speed: 1500 RPM • Heat output: 650 W • Temperature range: 0-350°C (can be displayed in C or F) • Adjustable safety cutoff range: 50-400°C • Hot top indicator for temperatures above 50°C, even when switched off • Display can be toggled between hotplate and probe temperature Included accessories: • Stainless steel rod, 400mm long • PT100 sensor probe, 12mm in diameter • Magnetic stir bar, 35mm x 9mm • Boss head clamp
Additional Info: Digital Hot Plate With Magnetic Stirrer, Csa Approved
Package Size(L x W x H): 17 X 10 X 10 (IN)
Categories: Hot Plates & Stirrers, Hot Plate Stirrers
HTS Code: 8419.19.0060
UNSPSC: 4.11024e+007
Country Of Origin: INDIA