Chemtronics Static Free Hand Guard - C805

SKU: C805  Chemtronics,Sanitizers & Soaps

Static Free Hand Guard penetrates deeply to moisten and refresh dry, irritated skin exposed to heat, abrasives, or harsh chemicals.  Static Free Hand Guard is specially formulated for electronic technicians to use as a non-contaminating hand and body lotion.  It reduces static build-up on hands while preventing harmful electrostatic discharge during the handling of sensitive devices. Static Free Hand Guard quickly soothes and protects tender, chapped or irritated skin without the use of lanolin, silicone, or mineral oils that may inhibit solderability of printed circuits and components.

  • Special formulation minimizes potential for static damage
  • Penetrates deeply to moisten and refresh dry, chapped or chemically irritated skin
  • Non-greasy formula contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  • Contains no lanolin, silicone or mineral oil that could inhibit solderability of printed circuits or components
  • Protecting and rejuvenating hands from harsh environmental stress
  • Protecting circuits from destructive electrostatic discharge

Categories: Static Dissipative Products, Static Free
Applications: Aviation
Units Per Case: 24 bags