Chemtronics Soder-Wick Unfluxed - 75-2-10

SKU: 75-2-10  Chemtronics,Solder and Flux Remover

Soder-Wick, significantly reduces rework/repair time and minimizes the risk of heat damage to the board. Its geometrically precise weave design allows for maximum capillary action and solder capacity. Soder-Wick Desoldering Braid optimizes heat transfer through the braid and into the solder joint, resulting in faster wicking action than any other competitive brand. Minimal flux residue on the board speeds up the cleaning process or eliminates it entirely. Soder-Wick Desoldering Braid is available in the most comprehensive variety of widths, lengths, and flux types. Application-specific sizes allow for precision solder removal in a flash.

All wick is sealed in nitrogen-purged packaging to avoid corrosion and loss of performance from moisture and oxygen.

  • Can be coated with any flux type
  • Allows for a constant flux type throughout the production process
  • Provides quick and safe desoldering
  • 10' spools packaged in ESD-safe static dissipative bobbins
  • Use with your specified flux type throughout the production process
  • MIL-F-14256 F
  • NASA-STD-8739.3 Soldered Electrical Connections
  • DOD-STD-883E, Method 2022
  • ANSI/IPC J STD-004

Categories: Desoldering Braid (Wick), Soder-Wick
Applications: PCB Repair & Prototyping
Units Per Case: 12 cans