Chemtronics Coventry Diamond Swabs - 51353

SKU: 51353  Chemtronics,Polyester Tipped Swabs

The patented Diamond Swab has a wrapped tubular knit polyester construction which eliminates all seams and cut edges where most particles are generated. Eliminating hard seams also reduces the potential for scratching delicate surfaces. The wrapped design also creates superior absorbency by wicking action. U.S. Patent numbers 5214821 and 5346287 and foreign patents. Specify the Aqua-Prime process for the cleanest swabs.

  • No edge seamless head design on all swabs
  • High strength , durable head
  • Low particulate and nonvolatile residue contamination
  • No adhesives or binders are used in the construction
  • Excellent solvent compatibility
  • Available Aqua-Prime processed
  • Clean High End Disk Drive Components
  • Clean Surfaces for the Aerospace Industry
  • Micro Mechanical Cleaning
  • Validate cleanliness of Manufacturing Surfaces for the Pharmaceutical and
  • Biotechnical Industry

Categories: Swabs and Applicators, Cleanroom Swabs
Applications: Controlled Environment & Cleanroom
Units Per Case: 1