Chemtronics CircuitWorks Gold Guard Pen - CW7400

SKU: CW7400  Chemtronics,Solder and Flux Remover

CircuitWorks Gold Guard Pen is engineered to clean, lubricate and protect gold, silver, platinum and other precious metal contacts. It is a high performance contact cleaner and lubricant dispensed by a convenient marker pen delivery system. The Gold Guard lubricant offers protection from oxidation and corrosion while improving contact and conductivity.

  • Cleans and leaves protective polyphenyl ether lubricant in one easy step
  • Extends life of noble metal contacts
  • Chisel tip marker for exact delivery to the contact
  • Safe on metals and plastics

Categories: Specialty Lubricants, CircuitWorks
Applications: PCB Repair & Prototyping
Units Per Case: 24 bags