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Yamato Scientific America, Inc.

Yamato Scientific America, Inc.

In 1982, Yamato Scientific introduced their line of scientific products into the US market through a renowned US scientific product distributor. Yamato was the first manufacturer to introduce a temperature control microprocessor with self-diagnostic features in thermal processing equipment. After years of providing world-class products and solutions, Yamato Scientific America Inc. was formed in 1989 to deliver extensive laboratory products to the US market which include ovens, muffle furnaces, sterilizers, incubators, rotary evaporators, constant temperature baths, water circulators (chillers), cold traps, spray dryers, freeze dryers, water purifiers, stirrers, shakers, laboratory washers, plasma cleaners, fume hoods, clean benches and custom made industrial products. From its capacious headquarters in Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, California, Yamato Scientific America now supplies and distributes their products to a wide array of industries in the market like life science, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, automotive, and more.

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