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Vapor Degreasers

Lab Pro offers industrial strength vapor degreaser solvents from Chemtronics to tackle the toughest jobs and applications. Vapor degreasing is a cost-effective method of precision cleaning parts, metal, PCBs, and other items. Vapor degreasing requires specialized solvents that are azeotropic. Our full line of vapor degreaser solvents is designed to easily remove oil, grease, wax, flux, and contamination. Cleaning product is boiled so only pure solvent is sent up in the vapor zone. The solvent then condenses onto the part, providing the cleaning action. For more difficult soils, parts can be submerged into the boil sump, which is often supplemented with ultrasonics. Because this is a closed-loop process, where the cleaner evaporates and condenses over-and-over, a specialized solvent is needed.