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The first Techspray product, Blue Stuff, was introduced in 1968 to clean lubricate the rotary contacts of TV tuners. Ironically enough, Blue Stuff was such a messy product that Techspray developed Blue Shower, a Freon-based cleaner to remove excess Blue Stuff.

Techspray Blue Shower has become an industry-standard degreaser that's known all over the world for its powerful cleaning action and fast evaporation. Techspray maintained an industry leadership position by anticipating ever-changing requirements and prioritizing product effectiveness and safety.

As environmental regulations have changed, Techspray has charged forward with innovative replacements for CFC and HCFC based cleaners, including the popular G3® brand of cleaners in 2002, and most recently PWR-4™ high-performance solvent cleaners in 2016.

These products allow manufacturers to transition to new chemistries without disruption to their processes. Techspray acquired Plato® brand soldering products in 2003, adding high-quality soldering tips and tools to our product offering.

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