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Scienscope International

Scienscope International

Founded in 1995, Scienscope International paved its way into the electronics and PCB markets when it began as a manufacturer of basic stereo zoom microscopes for general purpose optical and video inspections solutions. Some of these applications include SMT inspection, rework of circuit boards, and electromechanical assemblies. Through the years, Scienscope has broadened their product lines into a vast inventory of inspection solutions including trinocular microscopes, micro-video optics with CCTV camera systems, digital inspection systems, x-ray systems, component counters, measurement systems, metrology systems, inspection software, and inspection accessories. Since widening their niche market, Scienscope has released their first video coordinate measuring machines in 2001 to support customers who are looking for improved inspections for their demanding requirements and applications.

Scienscope’s product line available on Lab Pro is comprised of the following:
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