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Excelitas Technologies Corporation

Excelitas Technologies Corporation

Headquartered in Massachusetts, USA, Excelitas Technologies is a top-notch American manufacturer delivering high-performing and innovative photonic products for lightning, illumination, optronic, detection and optical technology needs. Dedicated to provide the perfect solution that meets the customers’ budget, schedule, performance, and custom requirements, Excelitas collaborates and believes in engineer-to-engineer relationships helping customers from the products’ design to implementation. The company’s deep technological expertise and years of experience has brought some of the most reliable and recognized brands in the industry like OminiCure UV Curing Systems, LINOS, Optem Optical Systems, Qioptiq, iFLEX Lasers, Cermax Xenon, REO Lasers, Rodenstock Photo, and X-Cite Illuminators. Excelitas Technologies photonic solutions serve an extensive line of applications such as automotive, consumer products, defense and aerospace, industrial, medical, safety and security, and science sectors.

View Excelitas’ line of micro-imaging systems and microscopes available on Lab Pro:
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