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Since 1958, Chemtronics has been at the forefront of electronics maintenance and repair. Our product offering has grown from a handful of cleaners to a complete line of ultra-pure solvents, degreasers, swabs, wipes, and repair tools for the electrical, electronics and telecommunications industry. In 1999, Chemtronics had been a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc.

They are the first to bring the ozone-safe performance of Cirozane™ CFC Replacement Chemistry. Cirozane™ is still the most effective and safest CFC/HCFC-free cleaning chemistry available and the one with no trade-offs. They introduced Verizane™, the most cost-effective 141b replacement chemistry available. They created Ultrajet® Biggest Blast Duster, the most powerful duster ever.

Even better, they combined this power with the value-added convenience of a breakthrough delivery system to create Ultrajet® All-Way Duster. Even when spraying upside down, Ultrajet® All-Way Duster delivers 100% cleaning power.
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