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    Lab weights and masses are used to calibrate certain lab equipment such as electronic balances. Lab Pro brings high-quality weights, masses, and accessories to accommodate every facility's needs, including hooked masses, analytical weight box sets, fractional weight sets, riders, and weight hangers. These weights are available individually or by set. Your Lab Pro Team offers next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls. For urgent concerns and inquiries, please call us at 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776).

    Riders, 5g, Pk/3 - AWR005


    Fractional Weight Set With Rider - FWS500


    Hexagonal Weight Set, Customary - WHSETC-F


    Hexagonal Mass Set Of 5, Plated - WHXP05


    Hexagonal Weight Set, Metric - WHSETM-F


    Weight Hanger, 50g, Aluminum - WHNG50A


    Hooked Weight Set Of 9, 5 To 200g - WSST09


    Deluxe Slotted Weight Set Of 12, W/ Rack - WHST12


    Hooked Weight Set Of 6, Aluminum - WSAL06


    Weight Hanger, 50g, Brass - WHNG50B


    Weight Set Of 9, Hooked, Black Enamel - WHSBE9


    Dslotted Weight Set W/ Hanger & Case - WHST13


    Slotted Weight Set Of 12, Aluminum - WSAL12


    Deluxe Slotted Weight Set Of 10, W/ Rack - WHST10


    Hexagonal Mass, 1 Lb. - WHX1LB


    Hexagonal Mass, 8 Oz. - WHX8OZ

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