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    Whether for illustrating traveling waves, sound waves, or their patterns, measuring the gravity's acceleration, tuning frequencies, or having a source of air, Lab Pro can provide you with high-precision springs and pendulums. Our pieces of equipment are lightweight yet durable and offer high linearity for linear motion. Acquire economical instruments for your laboratory from Lab Pro.
    We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls. Reach us at 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776) for more information.

    Resonance Box W/ Tuning Fork,512 Hz(C'') - TFRB512


    Flat Coiled Spring, 3" X 4" - FCS003


    Spiral Spring, 3/4" X 72" - WDS006


    Resonance Box W/ Tuning Fork, 256 Hz(C') - TFRB256


    Resonance Box W/ Tuning Fork,341.3hz(F') - TFRB341


    Ripple Tank - RPLTNK1


    Air Track & Accessories, 200cm - ATRK02


    Resonance Box W/ Tuning Fork, 320 Hz(E') - TFRB320


    Pendulum Clamp - CLPEN1


    Air Track & Accessories, 150cm - ATRK01


    Free Fall Tube - FFT001


    Free Fall Apparatus - FFA001


    Wave Demonstrator Spring Set - WDSET1


    Pair Of Photogates With Brackets - DTPHG1-P


    Quiet Air Source With Variable Output - QAS001-V


    Digital Timer With Photogates - DTPHG1