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    Water Purification System Accessories
    Achieve an enhanced Type 1, Type 2, or reverse osmosis water purification system with Lab Pro's premium-quality water purification system accessories. They are ideal for maximizing the efficiency of clinical, research, pharmaceutical, and other laboratories. Choose from our selection of accessories to complete your water purification needs.
    For bulk orders of water purification system accessories, please call 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776). We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Sartorius Arium® Water Guard - 610AWG1


    Sartorius Arium® Universal Kit - H2O-U-PACK


    Sartorius Arium® Tubing Extension Set UP - H2O-ATES-UP


    Sartorius Arium® Tubing Extension Set P - H2O-ATES-P


    Sartorius Arium® Tank Level Sensor - H2O-ALS1


    Sartorius Arium® SterilePlus - 5441307H4-CE


    Sartorius Arium® Smart Station UP Water Wall - H2O-ARST-UP-B


    Sartorius Arium® Smart Station Pure Water Wall - H2O-ARST-P-B


    Sartorius Arium® Scientific Pack - H2O-S-PACK


    Sartorius Arium® RO-Modules Advance RO/ Comfort I - 613CPM4-V


    Sartorius Arium® RO-Module Advance RO/ Comfort I - 613CPM4


    Sartorius Arium® RO Modules Advance EDI/ Comfort II - H2O-CRO-H-2


    Sartorius Arium® RO Module Advance EDI/ Comfort II - H2O-CRO-H-1


    Sartorius Arium® RO Cleaning Set - H2O-CCS


    Sartorius Arium® Pro UV Lamp - 611CEL1


    Sartorius Arium® Pro Ultrafilter - 611CDU5