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    Water Baths
    Heat your samples while maintaining a constant temperature using Lab Pro's precise, durable water baths. They are essential for a vast array of applications, including maintaining cell lines and heating flammable chemicals. Sort through our top-rated water baths available in various temperature ranges and capacities.
    Do you need water baths immediately? Contact us at 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776). We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Being 15 Liters Water Bath (BWB-22)


    Yamato BA-500 Pgm Precisn Water Bath 70l 115/220v


    Yamato BA-610 Pgm Precision Water Bath 109l 220v


    Yamato BK-710 Precision Temp Water Bath 144l 220v


    Yamato BS-660 Nrg Saving Water Bath 14l 115/220v


    Yamato BS-200 Nrg Saving Water Bath 4.7l 115/220v


    Yamato BS-401 Nrg Saving Water Bath 9l 115/220v


    Yamato BM-312A Digital Water Bath 5l 200-230v


    Yamato BM-302A Digital Water Bath 5l 100-115v


    Yamato BBL-301 Low Temp Water Bath 13l 115/220v


    Yamato BBL-101 Low Temp Water Bath 8l 115/220v


    Yamato BA-710 Pgm Precision Water Bath 144l 220v


    Yamato BH-501 Water Bath 13l Max 200? 115/220v


    Yamato BH-401 Water Bath 13l Max 100? 115/220v


    Yamato BA-400 Pgm Precisn Water Bath 42l 115/220v


    Yamato BA-300 Pgm Precisn Water Bath 27l 115/220v