CAPP - Capp pipette, variable vol. 100-1000 µl, ecopipette - C1000-1
The Oxford Lab Products BenchMate Multi Channel line is designed for comfort, fatigue reduction, durability, and precise pipetting. are made from PTFE plastic in combination with proprietary technology. Thus ensuring consistent air travel for precise and accurate pipetting. The BenchMate Single Channel is easy to use, with ergonomic single-handed operation and locking mechanism. The unit is fully autoclavable (121 ?C for 20 minutes). These pipettes provide improved dispensing accuracy and precision for micro-volumes, partly because of the hyper blowout technology. The ceramic plunger of the BenchMate Multi Channel provides greater durability and enhanced UV resistance for under the hood work."Easy to use single handed operation with locking mechanism.
Length x Width x Height(In): 11.02 x 2.87 x 1.69