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    Tube Racks
    Test tube racks are necessary for holding multiple test tubes with varying diameters at one time for purposes such as storage and transportation. Lab Pro offers a variety of tube racks, ranging from plastic to stainless steel and polypropylene, which allows chemical and thermal resistance. Our tube racks are resilient enough to undergo several lab operations like autoclaving and submersing. More so, these are ergonomically designed for your convenience.
    Do you need tube racks in bulk? Call us at 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776). We offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Plastic Test Tube Rack, Round, 12-Tube - 77704


    Rack, Tube, 16/17mm, 10-Place, PP, White-456106


    Rack, Tube, 12mm, 12-Place, PP, White-456105


    Stainless Steel Autoclave & Incubator Rack- Holds 41 x 15mL tubes- 5/pk-R3015


    Rack- freezer- PP- 81x2ml- (130x130x45mm) Rainbow Pak- 5/pk-R1060


    CoolCaddy cold station for PCR plate- tubes- and cryos-R4015


    Rack- PCR- 96x0.2ml- with lid- Rainbow- 5/pk-R1010


    Rack for 30x15 & 20x50ml (17x20x6cm)- Orange- 5/pk-R1070


    Rack- reversible- 96x1.5/0.5ml- (112x250mm) Orange- 5/pk-R1050


    Rack- 4 way (4x50- 12x15- 32x1.5/0.5ml)- Rainbow Pack- 5/pk-R1030


    Test Tube Rack, 1-Pc, Pp,16mm X 36 Tubes - 77907


    Test Tube Rack, Stainless Steel - TTRSS25


    T/T Rack,Wet/Dry,60 Places - 77902


    Plastic Test Tube Rack, In-Line - TTHP02


    Test Tube Rack, Pc, White - P20708W


    Test Tube Rack, 1-Pc, Pp,13mm X 36 Tubes - 77906