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    Plastic Beakers
    Lab Pro offers a good selection of plastic beakers with varying capacities ranging from 10 to 10,000mL, depending on your particular needs. Choose from ones made of polymethylpentene (PMP) for chemical resistance, polypropylene (PP) for flexibility, or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) for high ebullition. All of our plastic beakers here have pouring spouts, clearly readable printed graduations for ease of use, and are autoclavable.
    Do you need help with choosing the beaker most suited for you? Call us at 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776). We offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Beakers W/Handle, Print Grad,Pmp,10000ml - P50908


    Beakers W/Handle, Print Grad, Pmp,2000ml - P50906


    Vinyl Coated Beaker Tongs - BTSP09


    Beakers W/Handle, Printed Grad,Pmp,500ml - P50904


    Beakers W/Handle, Printed Grad,Pp,2000ml - P50806


    Beakers W/Handle, Print Grad, Pp,5000ml - P50807


    Beakers W/Handle, Print Grad,Pmp,5000ml - P50907


    Beakers W/Handle, Print Grad, Pmp,1000ml - P50905


    Beakers W/Handle, Printed Grad,Pmp,250ml - P50903


    Beakers W/Handle, Printed Grad,Pmp,100ml - P50902


    Beakers W/Handle, Printed Grad,Pp,1000ml - P50805


    Beakers W/Handle, Print Grad, Pp,10000ml - P50808


    Beakers W/Handle, Printed Grad, Pp,250ml - P50803


    Beakers W/Handle, Printed Grad, Pp,500ml - P50804


    Beakers W/Handle, Printed Grad, Pp,100ml - P50802


    Beakers, Printed Grad, Pp, 5000ml, Pk/2 - P50607

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