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    Petri & Culture Dishes
    Lab Pro's premium-quality Petri and culture dishes are used for most microbiological and cell culture applications, including bacterial and fungal cultures. They are also suitable for surface plating, plate pouring, and many more. Choose the right models from Lab Pro's wide range of Petri and culture dishes.
    Contact 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776) for further assistance or more information. We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    DISH PETRI 100x20MM comp.


    DISH PETRI 60x15MM Glass Comp. Set


    Petri Dishes, Ps, 90mm X 15mm, Two Comp - K1003


    Petri Dishes, Polystyrene, 90mm X 15mm, Pk/10 - K1004-J


    MICRO Petri SLIDE 47MM 2x3 PS pack of 25 - M6380-1


    Petri Dishes, Polystyrene, 150mm X 15mm - K1001


    Petri Dishes, Polystyrene, 65mm X 15mm - K1006


    Glass Petri Dish, 100 X 107 X 20mm - G1100 pk/10


    Glass Petri Dish, 75 X 82 X 15mm - G1075 pk/10


    DISH Micro ALUM 25x7x7mm 50/PK


    DISH PETRI 100x100x15mm SUARE PS 10/PK


    DISH PETRI 100x10MM Glass Comp. Set


    DISH PETRI 100x15MM Flint


    DISH PETRI 100x15MM Glass Comp. Set


    DISH PETRI 100x15MM PS 20/PKG (25384-302)


    DISH PETRI 150x15MM PS 20/Pkg - 25384-342