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    Optical Inspection Equipment - Illumination Sources
    Complete your illumination assembly for your optical inspection equipment with Lab Pro's world-class illumination sources. Apparatuses include coax illuminator modules, coax illuminator objectives, LED ring lights, halogen illuminators, fiber-optic ring lights, and many more.
    Do you need optical inspection equipment illumination sources to be shipped to your laboratory immediately? Then contact 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776). We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Excelitas 29-60-83-000 150w Halogen Illuminator, 110v


    Excelitas 296515-310 Coax Illuminator Module


    Excelitas 296085-310 Coax Illuminator Objective


    Excelitas 296084-310 Coax Illuminator Objective Dual Focus


    Excelitas 39-60-20-000 1 Watt Right Angle Coax Led Illuminator


    Excelitas 30-60-20-000 1 Watt, Right Angle Coax Led Illuminator


    Excelitas 30-60-10-000 1 Watt, Coax Led Illuminator


    Excelitas 30-14-23-000 Coax Illum With Analyzer, Dc Motor, 5mm Focus


    Excelitas 30-14-13-000 Coax Illum With Analyzer, 5mm Focus


    Excelitas 30-14-10-000 Coax Illum With 5mm Focus


    Excelitas 30-14-03-000 Coax Illumination With Analyzer


    Excelitas 30-14-00-000 Coax Illumination


    Excelitas 299067-310 Coax Illum For Dual Mag Module


    Excelitas 29-60-84-000 150w Halogen Illuminator, 220v


    Excelitas 29-60-45-000 Fiber Optic Mount Without Iris


    Excelitas 29-60-09-000 10 Watt Halogen Illuminator