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    Study binary fission in detail using Lab Pro’s freeze-dried cultures and dextrose broths. We also have different agars, ranging from citrate to starch, to help you perform differentiation and fermentation determination. You can rely on Lab Pro to provide your microbiology requirements in conducting scientific operations in the institute.
    Experts at Lab Pro are available to help you get the most suitable microbiology tools, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or chat with a customer service representative for live technical support. We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Staphylococcus Epidermidis Freeze Dried With Transfer Med -IS3906


    Chloramphenicol 30mcg 50 Discs- XD1362


    E. Coli Jm101 Freeze Dried Culture W/O Transfer Media -IS3807


    Staphylococcus Epidermidis Freeze Dried W/O Transfer Med -IS3806


    E. Coli Freeze Dried With Transfer Media -IS3902


    Grams Stain Set, Large -IS5017


    Microscope Slide Making Kit -IS5015


    Negative Stain Kit Innovating Science -IS5014


    Bacteria Stain Chemicals Innovating Science -IS5008


    Acid Fast Stain Chemicals Innovating Science -IS5006


    Spore Stain Chemicals Kit Innovatng Science -IS5005


    E. Aerogenes, Lyoquick, Freeze-Dried Culture -IS3609


    S. Epidermidis, Lyoquick, Freeze-Dried Culture -IS3606


    S. Marcescens, Lyoquick, Freeze-Dried Culture -IS3604


    E. Coli, Lyoquick, Freeze-Dried Culture -IS3602


    M. Luteus, Lyoquick, Freeze-Dried Culture -IS3603