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    Media Bottles
    Lab Pro's media bottles are ideal for secure reagent storage, with most models made from either borosilicate or glass that are highly capable of autoclaving up to 450 degrees Celsius. PET media bottles may not be as autoclavable, but these are more resistant to breakage. Capacities of our media bottles range from 100 mL to 500 mL. They have clearly printed graduations and are convenient to handle. If you are dealing with light-sensitive samples, our amber media bottles will be most suitable for your application. Our lab bottles come with caps and drip-free rings to ensure the protection of media.
    If you intend to order media bottles in bulk, call 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776). We offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Media Bottle, Wide Mouth, Square, 1000ml - BSWM1000


    Media/Storage Bottles, 1000ml - BM1000


    Media/Storage Bottles, 500ml - BM0500


    Media/Storage Bottles, 100ml - BM0100


    Media/Storage Bottles, 3500ml w/screw cap - 89427-655


    Media/Storage Bottles, Amber, 1000ml - BMA1000


    Media/Storage Bottles, Amber, 500ml - BMA0500


    Media/Storage Bottles, Amber, 100ml - BMA0100


    Media/Storage Bottles, Amber, 250ml - BMA0250


    Storage Bottle Square Pet 500ml - BMPE500


    Storage Bottle Square Pet 1000ml - BMPE1000


    Storage Bottle Square Pc 1000ml - BMPC1000


    Storage Bottle Square Pet 250ml - BMPE250 pk/12


    Storage Bottle Square Pc 150ml - BMPC150


    Storage Bottle Square Pc 250ml - BMPC250


    Storage Bottle Square Pc 500ml - BMPC500