Compact and powerful automatic benchtop washer with spin table that helps reduce laboratory glassware cleaning workload. Automatic compact glassware washer with timer and washing program according to glassware shape and contamination. Final rinse (option) with purified water available. Water purifier connection is possible for pure water rinse process. Wash process and time can be set according to glassware shape and contamination level. Cleaning water temperature impacts final cleaning results. With built-in water heater, no boiler piping and water heating system are required. Powerful upward and downward two-way pressurized water jet method. Optional jet rack is available for hard to clean targets, such as glassware with narrow neck or body. Washing water temp. 45 ~ 80°C.
Product Categories: Washers
Size (W x H x L): 34 x 47 x 34
Weight: 350Lb
US Harmonization Code: 8419.20.0020
UNSPSC Code: 31161800 - Washers
Country of Origin: JP