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    Filtration Funnels
    Separate solids and liquids easily using Lab Pro's acid- and alkali-resistant filtration funnels. Their chemical-resistant feature allows the efficient handling of harsh chemicals and other samples. Pick between Hirsch funnels and Buchner funnels available in varying capacities and porosities. We also offer filter adapter sets for funnel support.
    Do you intend to purchase filtration funnels in bulk? Call us at 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776) for urgent or bulk orders. We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Hirsch Funnel, 140ml, Dia. 55mm - JHF140


    Hirsch Funnel, 12ml, Dia. 25mm - JHF012


    Hirsch Funnel, 50ml, Dia. 47mm - JHF050


    Hirsch Funnel, 10ml, Dia. 10mm - JHF010


    Hirsch Funnel, 50ml, Dia. 30mm - JHF025


    Buchner Funnel, Table Type, 750ml - JTTBF750


    Buchner Funnel, Table Type, 1900ml - JTTBF1900


    Buchner Funnel, 1150ml, Dia. 150mm - JBF1150


    Buchner Funnel, 35ml, Dia. 40mm - JBF035


    Buchner Funnel, 100ml, Dia. 55mm - JBF100


    Buchner Funnel, 350ml, Dia. 90mm - JBF350


    Buchner Funnel, 3mm, Dia - JBF003


    Buchner Funnel, Porc, Eco, 90mm, 200ml - PBF090


    Buchner Funnel, Porc, Eco, 150mm, 650ml - PBF150


    Buchner Funnel, Porc, Eco, 50mm, 50ml - PBF050


    Buchner Funnel, Porc, Eco, 110mm, 400ml - PBF110