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    Earth Science
    Lab Pro's earth science tools and supplies give the best hands-on exploration experience for learners. We provide geology time scales, globes, and kits for chemical and mechanical erosion of rocks, soil analysis, crystal growth, and many more.
    Give us a call or chat with a customer service representative for live technical support. We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Geology Time Scale 21"X34" -IS8751


    Geology Time Scale, Laminated -IS8750


    Porosity And Permeability Lab Activity -IS8707


    Exploring Meteorology -IS8706


    Chemical And Mechanical Erosion Of Rocks -IS8704


    Soil Analysis Earth Science -IS8702


    Formation Of A Native Copper Mineral Deposit -IS8701


    Crystal Growing Kit -IS8705


    Mohs Hardness Test -IS8703


    Rheoscopic Concentrate 1 Liter Makes 62.5 Liters -IS5062


    Rheoscopic Fluid 1 Liter -IS5060


    Rheoscopic Fluid Concentrate 120ml To Make 7.5l -IS5061


    Microcrystal Growth Kit Innovating Science -IS5009


    Celestial Star Globe - CELEST1


    Mineral Test Kit - MINTEST


    Globe, Geopolitical, Inflatable - GLOBE24