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    Dial Thermometers
    A dial thermometer is a mechanized tool that utilizes a metal pointer on a circular scale for temperature measurement identification. Lab Pro presents a selection of versatile dial thermometers with temperature ranges from -20? to +50? and 0? to 120?. You can choose from models with different designs, whether spherical or in long probe form.
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    Dial Thermometer,-20 To 50c,0 To 120f - THMR01


    Probe Thermometer, 0 To 200 Degrees C - THMPR3


    Probe Thermometer, 25 To 125 Degrees F - THMPR1


    AIR PROBE for M3100/DT-2


    AIR PROBE for M3100/DT-2


    DIAL THERMO. 0-150^C POCKET 1"


    DIAL THERMO. 0-220^F 1.75x8in


    DIAL THERMO. 0-300^C 1.75x8in.


    Probe Thermometer, 50 To 550 Degrees F - THMPR4


    Probe Thermometer, -10 To 50 Degrees C - THMPR2


    DIAL THERMO.-10to100^C 1in.PKT


    DIAL THERMO.290C/550F 1.75x8in


    DIAL THERMO.550F 1.75x8in




    THERMOMETER 5" Spriit 0-50C


    THERMOMETER 5" Spriit 25-125F

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