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    Chemistry Demo
    Let your students perform great chemistry experiments with Lab Pro’s top-rated chemistry demo sets. You can choose from our first-class gold nanoparticle demo kits, rainbow electrolysis kits, snow polymer demo kits, instant light powder kits, oxidation-reduction flag chemical demo kits, and a whole lot more, available in various modifications.
    If you need chemistry demo sets shipped to your facility urgently, please give us a call or chat with a customer service representative. We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Disappearing Rainbow Demo Kit -IS7039


    The Silicate Garden Chemical Demonstration Kit -IS7031


    Oscillating Reactions- The Traffic Light Chem Demo -IS7024


    Oscillation Reaction Yellow/ Blue Chemical Demo -IS7023


    Electric Art -IS7049


    Electrolysis Of Tin -IS7048


    Gold Nanoparticle Demonstration -IS7047


    Rainbow Electrolysis -IS7046


    Polymers - Making Fluorescent Worms Chemistry Demonstration -IS7045


    War Of The Acids -IS7044


    Snow Polymer Demonstration -IS7043


    Instant Light Powder Kit -IS7042


    Fluorescent Slime Using Polyvinyl Alcohol -IS7041


    Thionin And Iron: A Light Induced Redox Reaction -IS7040


    Density Of Liquids: The Color Column Demonstration Kit -IS7037


    Forming Red, White & Blue Chemical Demonstration Kit -IS7036