JG Finneran 9mm Royal Blue R.A.M. Ribbed PTFE/Silicone Lined Open Hole Cap (box of 100) -5395-09FRB-100

SKU: 5395-09FRB-100  Bottle Caps
Preassembled closures and septa come ready to use. Designed to work in Agilent or other robotic arm autosamplers.
JG Finneran 9mm R.A.M.™ preassembled caps with septa best suited for your application. The patented Top Hat™ septa and closure was designed to provide a positive physical lock to assure that preassembled components arrive intact. JG Finneran Caps/seals can be snapped on and off by hand which eliminates the need for metal crimping and decapping tools, thus reducing potential hazards due to sharp metal edges. Linerless caps are available. Caps can be used on vials with crimp finish.