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    Lab Pro’s innovative biotech tools and supplies are essential in developing cellular and biomolecular learning among students. We can provide you with top-grade casting trays, electrophoresis power supplies, agarose gels, agarose dye markers, electrophoresis tanks, DNA stains, and many more.
    If you need biotech tools and supplies urgently, give us a call or chat with a customer service representative for live technical support. We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Tbe Buffer 5x Concentrate 500ml -IS5206


    Tris-Edta (Te) Solution 10x Concentrate 25ml -IS5207


    Aldon 7x7cm Casting Tray With Gel Ruler And Ruber End Caps -IS5262


    Aldon 7x 14 Cm Casting Tray Wth Gel Ruler And Rubber End Caps -IS5261


    Aldon Replacement Double Comb 8/10 -IS5260


    Aldon Replacemnet 6 Tooth Gel Comb -IS5259


    Aldon Power Supply Electrophoresis -IS5258


    Aldon Electrophoresis Tank 6 Gel -IS5257


    Aldon Electrophoresis Tank 2 Gel -IS5256


    Aldon Electrophoresis Chamber 1 Gel -IS5255


    Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Reagent Pack -IS5250


    Dna 20x Stain 60ml Bottle -IS5209


    Loading Dye 10x 5ml -IS5208


    Agarose 25gram Bottle(Low Eeo) -IS5205


    Agarose 5 Gram Bottle(Low Eeo) -IS5204


    2.0% Agarose 200ml - Resolves Dna Fragments 0.1-5kb Long -IS5203