Techspray Needle Flux Dispenser - .010 tube MOQ CASE/10 - FD-21

SKU: FD-21  Solder and Flux Remover,Techspray

Needle bottles are ideal for precisely controlled flux applications. Two different needle sizes are available: 0.25mm for low viscosity no-clean and aqueous fluxes and 0.50mm for higher viscosity rosin-based fluxes. Each bottle is available in standard plastic or with optional ESD-safe cover. 

  •  0.01" (0.25mm) needle - Ideal for low viscosity no-clean and water soluble fluxes.
  •  0.02" (0.50mm) needle - Ideal for higher viscosity rosin fluxes.

Categories: Soldering Accessories, Soldering Accessories, Products, Plato, Plato Cutters & Soldering Accessories
Applications: Soldering / Desoldering
Units Per Case:  MOQ CASE/10