Hand Driven Centrifuge, Holds 4 Tubes - CENTFG1

This hand-driven centrifuge comes with a table-mounting clamp. Features a painted metal body and metal head. Comes complete with four aluminum shields. Easily disassembles for storage in specially designed foam box. Crank is geared to head at 16:1 ratio. A crank rate of 12 turns in 10 seconds yields a head speed of 1152 rpm.
Additional Info: Hand Driven Centrifuge, Holds 4 Tubes
Package Size(L x W x H): 11 X 6 X 4.5 (IN)
Categories: Centrifuge Ware, Hand-Driven
HTS Code: 7616.99.5090
UNSPSC: 4.11039e+007
Country Of Origin: INDIA