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General description

Toluene, a flammable liquid with a pungent odor, is widely employed as organic solvent. It is widely used as a precursor for synthesizing benzene and as a solvent in the paint industry. It has been reported to be a biotoxic solvent (toxic to many microorganisms at 0.1%v/v concentrations). Its anaerobic biodegradation to CO2, by the denitrifying bacterium Thauera arornatica has been reported. It forms a syndiotactic polystyrene-toluene molecular compound. Crystal structure of this molecular compound has been investigated by X-ray diffraction studies.


Toluene has been employed as an solvent for the asymmetric synthesis of propargylic alcohols via addition reaction of terminal alkynes with various aldehydes in the presence of an optically active reagent, N-methylephedrine. It may be used in the preparation of amine-capped gold nanocrystals. Toluene undergoes alkylation in the presence of modified ZSM (Zeolite Socony Mobil)-5-class zeolite catalysts to form p-xylene with high selectivity. When doped on graphene, it acts as an electron donor leading to alteration in graphene electrical properties.

Note: These chemicals are meant to be used for research, industrial work, cleaning or disinfecting.

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500, 6×500 mL in glass bottle, 18, 20, 200 L in steel drum, 1, 6×1, 2.5, 4×2.5, 4, 4×4 L in glass bottle

Other Notes

This product is for further commercial manufacturing, laboratory or research use, and may be used as an excipient or a process solvent for pharmaceutical purposes. It is not intended for use as an active ingredient in drug manufacturing nor as a medical device or disinfectant. Appropriate/legal use of this product is the responsibility of the user.



Synonyms n/a
Grade ACS
Assay NLT 99.5%
Form Liquid
Density 0.785 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
Flash Point 39.2 °F
Boiling Point 231.8 °F
Vapor pressure 29.1 hPa at 20 °C (68 °F)
Apperance Clear, Colorless liquid
Color (APHA) 10 max
Residue after Evaporation 0.001% max
Water 0.03% max