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    BALANCE ANAL. 120g x .1mg


    Ohaus Electronic Balance .01g x 420g EX423N


    Ohaus Electronic Balance .01g x 4,200g EX4202N


    Ohaus Balance 0.1mg x 220g EX224N


    OHAUS Electronic Balance, .001g x 64g SJX323N/E


    OHAUS SJX622N/E Scout Gold 620g x 0.01g NTEP


    Ohaus Electronic Balance .01g x 820g AX822/E


    Ohaus Electronic Balance .1g x 12,000g EX12001


    Ohaus Electronic Balance 0.00005 lb (0.02 g) x 15 lb (6 kg) R71MHD6


    Ohaus Electronic Balance 0.0002 lb (0.1 g) x 30 lb (15 kg) R71MHD15


    ADV. PRO 2100gX.01g


    ADV. PRO 210gX.001g AV213


    ADV. PRO 410gX.01g


    ADV. PRO 523gX.1MG


    ADV. PRO TOP LOAD 51g x .001g




    ADVENT. PRO ANYL 65g x 0.1mg


    BALANCE 1000g x 01g HCB-1002


    BALANCE 120g x 0.001g HCB-123


    BALANCE 410g X .01g VIC-412


    BALANCE 5100g X .1g VIC-5101


    BALANCE 6000g x 0.1g HCB6001

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