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Microscopes, Lighting and Optical Inspection

Microscopes, Lighting and Optical Inspection

How to Choose The Best Stereo Microscope For Medical Device Parts Inspection

Stereo Zoom Microscope

The stereo zoom microscope can zoom in and out; it can be increased or decreased to get the desired magnification. It comes with a choice of stands, such as the simple stand and the boom stand. There's also a choice for optic heads, which could either be binocular or trinocular.

Why you should get Stereo Microscopes

All medical device parts need to be critically inspected to ensure there are no problems with them. With the stereo microscope, you won't have to worry about having to repair broken medical devices in the operating room, which can be quite disheartening both to the doctors and the technicians.

Stereo microscopes have the ability to view all the sides of the medical instruments at once, effectively, and very clearly. With it, you can inspect and detect any troubled areas early. It shows if the medical device part needs to be cleaned again, and if broken, it can either be repaired or would have to be reproduced, depending on the problem observed.

Proper Cleaning Decontamination and Sterilization

The condition of medical device parts largely depends on how adequately it is cleaned and maintained. Roughly handled, improperly cleaned or damaged medical device surfaces can harbor dirt and bacteria, and this might increase the risk factors for patient outcomes and even unsafe use.

Following the cleaning process, the stereo microscopic inspection of medical device parts significantly ensures top-notch cleanliness, and that the medical devices are intact before they're packaged, stored, or reused. 

Overcoming Inadequate Staffing Levels

It can be overly disturbing when a hospital struggles with inadequate staffing levels. Add to that, hundreds of different medical devices and instrument sets that are handled each day which require cleaning. As a result, the technicians overexert themselves to keep up with cleaning these medical device parts, assembling, and delivering them when needed. 

The overwhelming effect of inadequate staffing levels can be avoided with stereo microscope usage. It increasingly helps in lowering defect rates of the medical devices. Its ability to quickly detect the defect of the medical device parts during inspection greatly improves workflow.

Post-Cleaning Medical Device Part Inspection

It's not enough to just manually clean medical device parts. Medical procedures require adequately produced, cleaned, and well maintained medical device parts. Stereo microscopes are available for you and provide that visual post-cleaning inspection of dirt and details, which may elude the naked eye. 

Stereo microscopes are easy to use and very reliable during post-cleaning. It ensures that the medical device parts are accounted for, in a state of good repair, decontaminated, sterilized, and completely clean of any bioburdens.

High-Quality Control

The medical devices' quality must be checked consistently to ensure they're in good condition for use to prevent issues such as delayed or postponed surgeries, surgical site infections, complications, longer procedure times, or even death.

The stereo microscope with stunning image quality and optical excellence is a must-have if you desire high levels of precision, accuracy, inspection, and quality control. 

So, there you have it, you now know a lot about stereo microscopes. What is stopping you from buying yours? Remember, there is nothing as annoying as having poorly maintained or unsterilized equipment! It affects the doctor's work, embarrasses the technician, and, most importantly, delays the delivery of healthcare to the patient.

For over 40 years, Lab Pro Inc. has been committed to providing stereo microscopes in California and worldwide. To learn more, visit the biggest Lab Supply showroom in California, or contact us online or at 888-452-2776.