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Cleanroom and Apparel

Cleanroom and Apparel

Best Cleanroom Wipes To Use When Wiping Down Electronic Parts

Electronic Cleanroom Wipes, Explained

Cleanroom wipes are necessary to prevent physical, chemical, and biological contamination during medical device and electronics manufacturing, because ordinary wipes would contaminate surfaces, air, and equipment with static, residue, or particulates. Cleanroom wipers are essential during many steps of the production process, from working with adhesives, aqueous media, and solvents, to cleaning and removing impurities. Depending on function, cleanroom wipes are engineered for:

  • Strength and flexibility
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Scratch and shed resistance
  • Sorbency and retention
  • Microbe-free environment
  • Tear resistance
  • ESD resistance

Selecting the right wipe for the job is paramount for quality and efficiency. Lab Pro has a wide selection of cleanrooms wipes for all types of tasks in the electronics assembly environment.

Profiles of ISO Certified Cleanroom Wipes

Cleanroom Class

ISO Class

Potential Application


Knit Type


Lab Pro Wipe



Semiconductor, isolator, aerospace, semiconductor wafer fab, disck drive production, general cleaning

Polyester, 50/50 nylon/polyester microfiber blend

Continuous filament

Heat-cut sealed

ISO 4 Chemtronics Coventry



Semiconductor, aseptic filling area, dust and make-up detection/inspection, clean static sensitive surfaces

Synthetic knits, cotton

No-run monofilament polyester knit

Laser-sealed edge

ISO 5-6 Chemtronics Coventry



Pharmaceutical compounding, electronic assembly, electronic repair, ESD environment, stencil cleaning

Polycellulose Blends or 100% virgin polyester

Double-knit, no-run interlock design

Laser-sealed edge

ISO 5-6 LabClean Polyester



Medical device manufacturing, decontaminate electronics, tools, workspaces

Polyester-viscose, cotton, foam, or composites, cellulose/poly

Hydroentangled, nonwoven, 45 gsm cross-spun lace (non-woven), perforated

Cut edge, cold knife cut

ISO 6-7 LabClean Cellulose/Poly

 Applications of ISO Certified Cleanroom Wipes

Whether you need to keep surfaces clean or perform intricate circuit board repair, Lab Pro stocks a wipe for your ISO Class 4-7 cleanroom.

  • Cleaning, ISO 6-7: 70% IPA Pre-saturated LabClean Wipes are well-suited for a variety of cleaning applications in medical device and electronics manufacturing. These perforated wipes are constructed of durable, lint-free, tear-resistant polyester wipes are perfect for quickly removing contaminants.
  • ESD, Lint-free, ISO 5-6: Chemtronics Coventry Poly-Onyx ESD Wipes are static dissipative within 107-109 range for S20.20 compliance for static sensitive surfaces for electronic, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and biotech manufacturing. They are made from are made from 2nd generation black no-run monofilament polyester knit, providing excellent strength, absorbency and chemical compatibility. These wipers are perfect for general cleanroom and equipment maintenance, or any critical applications where lint is not tolerated. The black color makes them uniquely valuable as inspection wipes for light colored soils and dust.
  • ESD, Electronic Assembly/Repair, ISO 4: Techspray Techclean Anti-Static Wipes are interwoven with DuPont's NEGA­STAT static dissipative carbon yarn. Perfect for dry wiping ESD­sensitive components and boards. Tear resistant to allow cleaning around through­hole leads without fraying.
  • Cleaning Surface Mount Stencils and Screening Equipment, ISO 5: Techspray Techclean SMT Foam Wipes are made of fiber­free polyurethane foam that does snag or generate lint, which can clog fine pitched stencils and cause misprints.
  • Highly Absorbent Stencil Cleaning, ISO 5: Techspray Cotton Wipers are made of highly absorbent hydroentangled cotton with extra low particulate and chemical extractables. They cotton is grown in the USA.
  • Protection for Critical Applications, ISO 4: Chemtronics Coventry Poly-Wipes provide excellent solvent and acid resistance for semiconductor wafer fab and disc drive production areas. They are made of monofilament "no-run" polyester that does not generate loose fibers. They are highly durable and have low ionic, nonvolatile residue and particle contamination.
  • Cleaning Semiconductor Wafter Fabs, ISO 4: Chemtronics High Purity Alcohol Wipes are made with semiconductor grade isopropyl alcohol (IPA) filtered through 0.05 µm media. The superior purity make alcohol these wipes effective and safe in the most critical applications, without leaving residues that are conducive to microbial growth or dendritic growth in electronics.
  • Removing Solder Flux, ISO 4: Chemtronics Coventry Cleanroom Chamois are the only wipes made from a 50/50 nylon/polyester microfiber blend providing superior toughness and particle entrapment. The microfibers in the Cleanroom Chamois have a unique wedge shape, which lifts all types of contaminants from the surface more effectively than conventional round fibers. Superior strength and abrasion resistance allow relaundering and reuse to save money.

Specialty Cleanroom Wipes

In addition to ISO certified wipes, Lab Pro provides a plethora of specialty cleanroom wipers.

  • Degreasing Fiber Optics: Chemtronics Electro-Wash MX Wipes quickly remove soils, adhesives, and residues from insulation jackets and conductors on telecom, fiber optic and coaxial cables, while still being the ideal cleaner for removing oils, greases and dirt from hand tools and metal cleaning operations. Available in both a high-pressure aerosol formulation to spray areas clean and pre-saturated wipes to quickly wipe soils away.
  • Cleaning Screens and Keyboards: Techspray Screen & Keyboard Cleaner Wipes remove hand oils, ink marks, dust, and other contaminants from computer equipment. With regular use, the wipes will eliminate static charge from sensitive surfaces and provide long-term static protection because they deposit a ESD safe coating.
  • Removing Solder Paste: Techspray Eco-Stencil UM Wipes remove all types of solder paste (e.g. water­based, RMA, no­clean, lead­free) and uncured adhesive from screens, misprinted boards and equipment. Completely safe on stencils, squeegees, and equipment surfaces. Ideal replacement for IPA cleaners, which are often prohibited because of safety and environmental restrictions on VOC emissions or waste disposal issues.
  • Rejuvenate ESD Safe Mats: Chemtronics ESD Pre-Saturated Poly Wipes remove caked-on flux and other contamination off your ESD-safe mats rejuvenates dissipative surfaces by adding treatment that lasts for up to 30 days. The wipes rejuvenate dead spots and burn marks on ESD mats and oil and flux residue.
  • Remove Fingerprints: Techspray Techclean Microfiber Wipes remove fingerprints and light oils without the use of solvent cleaners.
  • Polish LCD and Plasma Screens: Techspray LCD/Plasma Screen Cleaning Wipes are made of low­linting microfiber terry cloth that ideal for cleaning and polishing LCD and plasma screens, plexi­glass, chrome, and other sensitive surfaces. Buffs surface to a shine with or without cleaner. 
  • High Temperature Application: Chemtronics Twillwipes are made of 100% cotton twill fabric, cut on the bias to prevent fraying. These wipers have excellent absorbency, as well as high strength, especially when wet with water. Twillwipes are ideal for high temperature applications that would melt most other wipes.
  • Optic Prep: Chemtronics Optic Prep Wipes are pre-saturated with ultra-pure 65% IPA Presaturated Wipes are high quality premoistened lens-grade tissues for cleaning optical surfaces. These highly effective cleaning wipes are ideal for cleaning and polishing optical surfaces, lenses, photographic equipment, CRT and LCD screens and instruments. Optic Prep is safe for use on Fiber Optic Connectors.

The Right Cleanroom Wipes Save Time and Money

Ensure that your electronics manufacturing lab produces first-time-right parts and devices by wiping down with cleanroom wipes from Lab Pro.

  • Note: These products and chemicals are meant to be used for research, industrial work, cleaning or disinfecting and should always be stored out of the reach of young children or infants. 

For over 40 years, Lab Pro Inc. has been committed to delivering the highest quality swabs, chemicals, ESD protection, laboratory and cleanroom PPE supplies to medical device and electronic manufacturing laboratories worldwide. To learn more, visit the biggest Lab Supply showroom in California, or contact us online or at 888-452-2776.

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