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Chemicals and Solvents

Chemicals and Solvents

Ultimate Guide to Alconox Powdered Precision Cleaner

Alconox is a critical precision cleaner that can be used for ultrasonic or manual cleaning. It is a concentrated anionic detergent that provides reliable results since it doesn’t leave any interfering residue with its free-rinsing capabilities. This biodegradable cleaner also serves as an ideal replacement for hazardous solvents and corrosive acids.

What is Alconox made of?

Alconox consists of ingredients that maximize its cleaning performance. Therefore, Alconox consists of the following:

  • Chelating agents. These are molecules that are negatively charged or that contain oxygen. They enhance stability by reacting with metal ions that are positively charged.
  • Alkaline salt builders. These include sodium phosphates or sodium carbonate which are inorganic salts.
  • Builders. Builders are ingredients that react with interfering magnesium, iron, or calcium that are present in the water solution.
  • Wetting agents. Wetting agents allow the cleaner to dampen surfaces and absorb into, under, and around soils and crevices by lowering the surface temperature of the water.
  • Emulsifiers. Emulsifiers are cleaning ingredients that create a liquid to liquid mixture by emulsifying oils that are water-insoluble into a solution.
  • Dispersant. This cleaning ingredient suspends or disperses solid particles in a solution.

  • Alconox consists mostly of a blend of alcohol sulfate, carbonates, phosphates, and sodium linear alkyl aryl sulfonate.

    What is Alconox used for?

    Alconox is used to clean in a multitude of scenarios. It removes mold, silicon oils, radioactive contaminants, radioisotopes, chemicals, solvents, particulates, deposits, salt, tissue, blood, oil, grease, slime, buffing compound, grime, grit, and soil from fiberglass, rubber, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, metal, and glass.

    Used to clean:
    Medical care instruments, research facility product, vacuum gear, tissue culture product, individual defensive hardware, inspecting device, catheters, tubing, pipes, radioactive debased articles, optical parts, electronic parts, drug mechanical assembly, beauty care products fabricating gear, metal castings, forgings and stampings, modern parts, tanks and reactors, breezes through inhibitory buildup assessment for water investigation.

    Used to eliminate:
    Soil, coarseness, grime, polishing compound, sludge, oil, oils, blood, tissue, salts, stores, particulates, solvents, synthetic substances, radioisotopes, radioactive pollutions, silicon oils, shape discharge specialists.

    Surfaces cleaned:
    Erosion hindered plan suggested for glass, metal, stainless steel, porcelain, artistic, plastic, elastic and fiberglass, can be utilized on delicate metals like copper, aluminum, zinc and magnesium whenever washed speedily.

    Cleaning strategy:
    Drench, brush, wipe, fabric, ultrasonic, course through clean-inplace. Will froth — not for shower or machine use.

    Top 15 uses of Alconox Powdered Precision Cleaner:

    1. Cleaning tanks
    2. Reactors
    3. Metal castings
    4. Apparatus for pharmaceuticals
    5. Electronic components
    6. Optical parts
    7. Radioactive contaminated articles
    8. Pipes
    9. Tubing
    10. Catheters
    11. Environmental sampling apparatus
    12. Tissue culture ware
    13. Lab ware
    14. Healthcare instruments
    15. Counters

    Is Alconox a disinfectant?

    Alconox alone is not a disinfectant. However, it can be mixed with bleach to enhance the disinfectant components of the bleach. To do this, add 0.5% of Alconox to bleach. This will enhance the penetration and wetting components of the bleach.

    Is Alconox toxic?

    Alconox is not considered toxic. In fact, it’s no more than an irritant. It does not contain any OSHA hazardous ingredients, EPA pollutants, and is nonflammable. It doesn’t require any special precautions other than the typical safety and hygiene practices required with any industrial chemical. If you are using Alconox for any type of manual cleaning, then you should use proper protection for your skin and eyes.

    Alconox shelf life?

    Alconox shelf life is 2 years from date of manufacture.

    Where to purchase Alconox?

    Lab Pro's Alconox improves cleaning performance. It is a cleaner that is residue-free and free-rinsing and is ideal for ultrasonic or manual cleaning. It safely cleans fiberglass, rubber, ceramic, plastics, metals, glassware, and more.

    Browse through our inventory of Alconox products. For urgent or bulk orders, reach us at 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776). We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.