Diamond Scribes (Diamond Markers, Diamond Cutters ) are high precision tools for optimum scribing or marking of thin-film circuits. Since they are required to be precise in their work and are used to do wafer marking, microcircuit design, microelectronic design, they require a high level of precision in their design as well. Some diamond scribes even include a gold, anodized and lightweight aluminum pin vise handle with a great grip for nonslip handling. 

They are so-called because they feature diamond tips. Diamond is the hardest material on earth and can cut any material, even itself. Hence, it is common to use it in the process of scribing and graving and scratching different materials. 

Diamond scribes are very essential for designers of circuit boards and even those considering to do etching and design-work for pure aesthetics. There are a lot of different applications of these scribes and you should know how to pick them out if you are going to use them. Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking one for yourself

Tip/Shaft Diameter

Technically the larger the tip or shaft diameter is, the greater is the included angle and the tougher the scribe is. It won’t break as easily as some of the reduced angle scribes and you can rely on it in the most demanding of situations. Even the heavy-duty shaft diamond point tools are meant to scribe light lines and mark different objects, but they’re not meant to engrave or machine materials, however, the angel and diameter width truly does help in this endeavor. 

Scribes with a full ninety-degree angle afford the largest diameter for the diamond base and is usually thought of as a standard for general use. It has been used to scribe wedding bowls and silver trays. It is also used by students for etching and designing different patterns in art classes. 

Generally, a diamond has a 60 degree included angle and a 0.12 mm radius, but the radius increases exponentially if the diamond is machined to be slightly more angular. By the time it’s ninety degrees, the radius has grown to about half a millimeter.
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Pin Vise Handle

The Pin vise handle is also of great importance to the diamond scribe. It should be lightweight and versatile in its making so that it is primed for precision. Some of them are made out of gold and aluminum while others can be made out of other lightweight metals. Vise handles usually come with replaceable drawbars.

They are designed not to slip and to withstand pressure so that they can be gripped in any way that is comfortable for the user. 

Replaceable Tips

Of course, if you’re really serious about finding a diamond scribing tool for all kinds of work, you should consider getting one with replaceable tips and great grips. These replaceable tips will have different angles and tip diameters so that you can scribe as light or as deep as you need to.

Note: There are Diamond Scribes that automatically retract, which makes life much easier.