Excelta Tweezers (or Forceps) are an extension of our fingers and they allow us to grab, grip, place, remove or hold items that are too small or delicate for our fingers to manipulate. The size and shape of the items we grab, grip, place or hold necessitate the need for a variety of tweezer tip styles and shapes.

1.Size and shape: What are the size and shape of the items that you need to grab, grip, place or hold – the shape of the specimen or item will determine the tweezer you require. 

2.Tweezer tip: What kind of tweezer tips do you require? Tips can be flat, round, pointed, bent or square 

3.Body shape: What kind of a tweezer body shape do you require? Tweezer bodies can be straight, bent, curved or angled for greater accessibility to the objects you are required to handle.

4.Tweezer material: What kind of material do you need your tweezer to be? Here’s a list of various kinds:

  • Titanium: Titanium forceps are precise forceps made of titanium and most commonly used in either high temperature application, or soldering applications, since solder will not stick to titanium.

  • Ceramic coated:The coated points will withstand high use temperatures of 1600°F and offers superior protection against corrosive environments.

  • Cobaltima forceps - Cobaltima forceps are the ultimate in high precision, featuring the smallest and most precise tips available and are made of a 40% cobalt alloy for strength and temperature resistance.

  • Neverust® - Super Neverust® has excellent mechanical strength, good surface stability and high resistance to corrosion or oxidation.

  • Diamond Tipped - Anti-Magnetic precision tweezers with ESD diamond coating (resistivity 10E6). The biocompatible coating protects fine tip tweezers from wear, and it has high hardness and high elasticity.

  • Plastic tweezers - Plastic tweezers are an inexpensive alternative to metal tweezers and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

If you're looking for lab grade tweezers and forceps, like the Excelta Tweezer line, you want to make sure you're choosing the best ones for your lab. Take into consideration things like the size and shape, tip requirements,body shape, and tweezer material when buying Excelta tweezers. 

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