Top 4 Microscopes for Checking Trichomes (on Marijuana Plants)

A high-grade microscope is one of the most important tool for a grower in the cannabis industry. Both during the period of cannabis growth and after its harvest, a microscope will come in handy for you. For one, it helps you make the right decision of when to harvest your marijuana by seeing the inside of the trichomes. The trichome method is typically used for this purpose. You can use a microscope for checking the level of trichome development on marijuana plants and wait until it’s the cannabis is amber enough to be harvested.

The Trichome Method

Have you seen those tiny buds on marijuana plants? That’s what trichomes are. And when we say tiny, we mean really tiny – you certainly more than your naked eyes to view them clearly. When you check trichomes under a microscope and most of them appear cloudy white, it is the right time to start harvesting. 

Top 4 Names for Trichomes Microscopy

There is a wide range of microscopes available in the market that can be used to view trichomes on the marijuana plants, offering an image clear enough to differentiate between their shapes and sizes.

The following are some of the top choices of experts that offer the best magnification for checking trichomes:     

1.     Meiji MT-14 LED Binocular Compound Rechargeable Microscope

This microscope is one of the most popular tools used in the cannabis industry for checking trichomes. 

MT-14 LED Binocular Compound Rechargeable Microscope is perhaps the easiest to use and definitely one of the cheapest options available. Despite this, they can offer a magnification power as high as 100x. The biggest benefit of this microscope is that it has a clear LED illumination, which makes it an ideal choice for working out in the field without any hassle.  

While on the farm, these microscopes can give a high-quality image of the trichomes enabling you to view and determine the trichome color. 

Moreover, it is extremely convenient to use this microscope. It comes with a rechargeable battery that makes it cordless when it is in use. This microscope features an Abbe condenser along with coarse and fine ergonomic knobs for focus adjustment.  


While this microscope offers a wide variety of benefits for fieldwork, it requires you to hold the slide that has the specimen mounted on it in place with stage clips. 

Image Text: a compound microscope

Alt Text: a microscope for checking trichomes

Image Description: Meiji MT-14 LED Compound microscope for trichomes 

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2.     Scienscope ELZ-PK3-E1

The ELZ-PK3-E1 microscope is not only highly effective but is also affordable.

It offers a decent look at the trichomes on marijuana plants. This complete microscope stereo system comes with an articulating arm, allowing you to extend its arm to see clear, crisp images. It also comes with a LED ring light and internal intensity control to offer high-quality results. In addition to being easy-to-use, this microscope is made of high-quality material to offer maximum durability. The optical system is suitable for all industrial and research inspection applications. The sealed microscope body is perfect for use in harsh environments as well as clean rooms. 

The bright LED lighting guarantees a convenient experience even in a dark environment. 

Image Text: microscope for checking trichomes  

Alt Text: ELZ-PK3-E1 microscope for trichomes

Image Description: ELZ-PK3-E1 microscope for trichomes

3.     Meiji MT-16 LED Monocular Compound Microscope

The MT-16 LED Monocular Compound microscope is an affordable device offering an integrated digital camera. It also features super bright LED lighting to make sure you’re able to see crisp, clear images of the trichomes. 

The LED illumination allows variable intensities to deliver even illumination and consume less electricity. The MT-16 comes with an Abbe condenser and fine adjustment knobs to make handling and use easy for you.     

The magnification power of this microscope ranges from 40x, 100x, 400x, and 1000x and this makes it an ideal option for checking trichomes on marijuana plants.   

Moreover, this microscope is extremely lightweight and hence, is easy to carry around in the field. 

Image Text: a compound microscope

Alt text: a compound microscope for checking trichomes

Image Description: MT-16 LED Monocular Compound microscope for trichomes

4.     Meiji BMK-3/ LED Stereo Binocular Microscope

The BMK-3/ LED Stereo Binocular microscope is yet another efficient, easy-to-use, and affordable option for checking trichomes on marijuana plants. This microscope features a 10x eyepiece with an eye tube angle of 450.  

Featuring a high-quality metal framework, this microscope stands sturdy and offers considerable durability for years. It comes with LED reflection stimulator and a bright oblique light at the top to ensure rich, clear images of trichome samples.  

Image Text: a microscope for checking trichomes

Alt Text: a binocular stereo microscope for trichomes

Image Description: BMK-3/ LED Stereo Binocular microscope for checking trichomes


Since we can't see the trichomes with our naked eye, high level magnification is required if we want the best possible harvest. Microscopes are a vital tool for any grower and researcher. Harvesting your plants too early or too late can be detrimental to the quality of the bud. 

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