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  • Cork Borer                    Sets of 6, 9 and 15 for cutting holes in cork and rubber stoppers up to 22mm.
  • Cutters                          Steel and carbide cutting blades, various shape heads, cutting tweezers.
  • Glass Tubing Cutter      Cutter can accommodate up to 24mm glass tubing.
  • Hemostats                     Various sizes of stainless steel and plastic.
  • Needles                         Blunt needles 30 to 14 gage to 75mm long (See Dispensing).  Teasing .
  • Pliers                             Precision small hand tools for industry.
  • Probes                           Stainless steel probes and picks.
  • Scalpels & Blades          Stainless and carbon steel blades and handles.pdf
  • Scissors                          Precision small head scissors for medical and industrial applications.
  • Spatulas                         Micro spatulas, double-end, lab and chemical, Teflon coated spatulas.  
  • Tweezers                        Precision stainless steel and plastic tweezers of all shapes and sizes.
  • Vacuum Pen-Vac            Cleanroom and ESD safe vacuum pick-up tools.

                 Featured Brands:
                     EXCELTA Corp.  High quality  TWEEZERS,  CUTTERS,  PLIERS,  HAND TOOLS

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